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Master Keyed Systems

Master keys can open more than one lock in a system. Such systems can also have individual keys (called change keys) for each door.

How does a master keyed system work?

In a suite of three offices, staff have change keys that open their own office doors. However, a department manager can hold a master key that opens all three doors without needing individual keys. This can be scaled up to buildings with hundreds of doors.

Of course, there is also a simpler option to have locks that are all keyed alike, so that keyholders can open any lock with the same key.

Who and what are master keys useful for?

Master keys are particularly useful for managing directors, head teachers, cleaning and maintenance staff.

A master keyed system can even split buildings into zones, especially if there are sensitive areas like labs or wage rooms that need restricted access, even to master keyholders. We can introduce limitless numbers of sub-suites that need a sub-master key. Meanwhile the Managing Director, or equivalent, can still hold a grand master key that opens everything!

While the system may sound complicated, a site meeting and chat generally lets us suggest the best solution for your master keyed system.

For more details on Delta Security's DPS Master Keyed Suites, please click here to download PDF.

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