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Car Park Gates and Barriers

Controlling vehicle entry and traffic management
on commercial property and car parks

How do commercial and car park barriers work?

Barriers can prevent drive-through traffic but keep access open. The settings can allow all access during a set timeframe. Outside that timeframe, drivers must contact the control room through an audio/visual system to be allowed to enter.

How do electric gates work?

You open electric gates with a fob from the comfort of your car, keeping you warm and dry. This gives you the added safety of not leaving your car, particularly if there are children inside, while you open the gates.

If you use electric gates along with an intercom like the Telguard System, you can talk to drivers at your barrier and open the gates without leaving your premises. The gates close automatically when the vehicle has passed through.

Electric gates need regular maintenance, which we can provide for you. A health and safety check every six months will ensure your gates are working smoothly and safely.

Our comprehensive service includes a site survey, design, specification, installation and optional maintenance of your electric gates.

If you would like to find out more about electric gates, email us or call our sales team on 020 8985 1855.