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Paxton Access Control

Reliable, easy-to-use systems

Paxton systems are intuitive and easy to manage, so you enjoy increased security without spending lots more time on administration.

Why choose Paxton systems?

  • Incredibly easy to use - administrators need minimal training
  • Grow with your needs - you can add doors when required
  • No hidden/unexpected costs, or per seat licences - install Net2 software on as many workstations as required
  • Free Net2 software upgrades, with access to helpful new features.

The two types of Paxton systems

1. Standalone access control

This controls access on one or more independent doors in a building. Depending on the type of reader, a number code, pin with keypad or token gives access rights.

You programme the system at each door, so if tokens are barred or codes changed, you must update the settings for each door.

Standalone access control is perfect for:

  • Small organisations with limited number of doors, eg small businesses, storage units or small to medium sites.
  • Larger organisations that need few changes.

2. PC-based access control

This is a more sophisticated system, sometimes called networked access control, which controls one or many doors in a building.

Depending on the type of reader, a number code, pin with keypad or token grants access rights. However, this system also gives you central control through a network, so your PC controls access rights for all doors and every token. You can change access rights immediately, or give different rights to individuals or groups of users. You can also generate reports that summarise how tokens are used.

PC-based access control is perfect for future growth

Many of these PC-based systems also allow control of additional buildings using existing networks, giving you room for growth.

PC-based systems like this are becoming more popular to control other services within a building, eg intruder alarms, fire doors, lifts and lighting.

If you would like to talk to us about a Paxton system, email us or call our sales team on 020 8985 1855.