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Chip Enabled ID Badges

ID badges

As organisations grow, and people move between jobs, it gets harder to know everyone personally. ID badges can help you make certain that unwelcome visitors to your premises can't pass unchallenged. They ensure that only people who have been vetted are in the building, and that they hold either a permanent (staff member) or temporary (visitor) badge.

Delta has introduced ID badges into many buildings, with particular expertise in schools and colleges. We can provide everything you need to be up-and-running quickly, including badge design, kit and training.

Chip-enabled ID badges

Advanced, secure identity control

Chip-enabled badges contain a unique code in each card, which is registered to a specific user. A PC-based system gives each user their access rights, and every card reader on the premises links to the main access database.

Easy to use

Users hold their card to the reader at doors. If the reader confirms their right to enter, the door opens.

Easy to change and monitor

The main database can stop, change or grant access rights immediately. You can also track and monitor any user's movements. These badges can also contain the user's photograph, name and other details.

We can help you source the relevant printer and consumables for your ID badges.

Perfect for large numbers of people

These cards are now often used in universities, or other organisations with a large number of people accessing the property. You will find them particularly useful if you have sensitive areas within your building, where you need close controls on access.

If you would like to talk to us about chip-enabled ID badges, email us or call our sales team on 020 8985 1855.