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Access Control

Security starts on the inside

Whether you need to protect your staff or equipment, access control is an efficient and convenient way to secure your building. There is no doubt your organisation can benefit from effective door entry control, staff and visitor management, ID solutions and time and attendance monitoring.

Access control systems work well for a huge range of building types:

  • Keypads for smaller buildings with single entry points (often used for electric gate entry controls)
  • Audio/video door entry for tower blocks
  • Chip-enabled ID for a university campus with thousands of people and a range of access rights for staff and students.

No need for locks and bundles of keys

You choose from a range of audio/video door entry systems, door entry tokens such as chip-enabled and ID cards, proximity tokens or keypad/pin devices. All have auto-locking.

Convenient access

You can tailor access, based on the time or individual door. If an entry token is lost, you can bar the token immediately, without changing the locks. You can also grant and update access rights for temporary visitors immediately.

Flexible monitoring and maintenance

You can maintain and monitor our systems remotely, and across multiple sites. Our optional 24/7 maintenance service gives you total peace of mind. We can also provide remote support for PC-based systems.

Our access control products

Delta Security specialises in Salto, Telguard and Paxton systems. These high-quality products have been established for many years and use the latest technology.

If you would like to talk to us about installing or maintaining a convenient access control system, email us or call our sales team on
020 8985 1855.