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Automated Doors

Update your existing doors for a safer, more
welcoming entrance.

Your existing doors can become so much more user-friendly and safe when they are automated. This means they open and close automatically, contact-free. This is particularly useful if people with mobility issues frequently use your doors. Your building will feel safer and more welcoming as a result.

Delta installs automated openers on your existing external and internal doors. Many are remote control operated and you can choose from various types of system, according to the use that suits you best.

Our door openers are low noise, energy saving, strong and durable. They rely on intelligent technology, and incorporate safety sensors. We can also adjust the opening and closing times for all operators, to suit your entry needs best.

These types of automated openers can be installed on most doors - whether you need a large, heavy door, or a gentle, slower-motion option for people who rely on an easy to operate system. We also offer safety options for openers that don't need an emergency power unit, and fire barrier door operators that close automatically in emergencies.

Delta's automated door openers are the perfect choice for many building types:

  • Education, including schools and colleges
  • Health - doctors' surgeries, care homes, medical centres and day care
  • Residential - sheltered and supported housing

Maintaining your automated doors

These openers normally give trouble-free use, and we can help you ensure your doors conform to current safety legislation. You will also need to guarantee user safety by servicing your doors once a year. Delta can help you meet your legal obligations, and make sure that your automated doors continue to give trouble-free, safe access for as long as you need them.

If you would like to talk to us about automated door systems, email us or call our sales team on 020 8985 1855.